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Referee Program

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The enjoyment of competitive soccer for players, coaches, and supporters is often influenced by the quality of the officiating. Although the rules of soccer are relatively few in comparison to many sports, they do require a significant amount of knowledge, judgment, and experience to apply effectively in a competitive game. The SnVYSA Referee Program is intended to encourage the development of competent soccer officials, both youth and adult, in order to maintain and enhance the level of youth soccer officiating in the Valley and the region. Our goal is to accomplish this through active recruiting, provisions for training and uniforms, opportunities to gain experience and develop judgment in a structured and supervised program, and education of coaches, players, and supporters in appropriate field etiquette.


The Goal
SnVYSA will attempt to provide referees for the following age levels:
  • Recreational/District
    A Center Referee for U9 through U18
  • Advanced Development Program
    A Center and two Assistanct Referees Referee for U12 through U18
District and ADP level referees will be scheduled through and provided by East King County Soccer Referees Association-> (EKCSRA). Recreational level referees U9 through U13 will be scheduled through and provided by the SnVYSA Referee Program.
The Referee Coordinator
The Board of Directors of SnVYSA has established a position of Referee Coordinator under the Vice President of Development. The Referee Coordinator will manage the SnVYSA Referee Program.
Center referees must be at least two years older than the players on the field. Therefore, referee candidates must be age ten and older. Present Association players and their parents provide the primary pool from which to recruit. Other soccer players in the Valley, both youth and adult, are also a group worth reaching out to.
Initial training will be available at two levels. Association Level training (non FIFA licensed) will be an approximately three hour introduction to the Rules of the Game and referee skills (see lesson plan, Appendix A) provided by an Association instructor. Typically, two sessions will be conducted, one in the North Bend/Snoqualmie area and one in the Duvall/Carnation area. Candidates age ten and above may participate. This training will qualify individuals to officiate at recreational games up to age U 13.

The FIFA Grade 8 certification is a 16 hour course. SnVYSA can choose to host a course, but due to numbers required to host a course typically sends candidates outside of the Valley for this training. Courses are readily available in most of our neighboring Associations and other areas relatively nearby. The Referee Coordinator will assist candidates in finding a course to take. Candidates must be age 14 and above to take this course. SnVYSA will reimburse the candidate up to $60 to cover the cost of the course and registration subject to a commitment of participation defined below. The Grade 8 Level qualifies a referee to be an Assistant Referee at any youth level game and a center referee at any recreational game (subject to age restriction). Eligibility for center referee and assistant referee positions at District and ADP matches is based on experience and is determined by EKCSRA->

Association Level trained referees receive a T-shirt and a whistle upon completion of their training. Grade 8 FIFA certified referees will be reimbursed up to $50 toward a complete uniform, again subject to a commitment of participation.
Commitment to Participate
In order to qualify for reimbursement for training and uniform, a referee must commit to officiating at least ten games for the Association at the recreational, District, and/or ADP level.
Referees will be compensated for games assigned per the scale shown in Appendix B. This compensation will come from SnVYSA or EKCSRA according to who is the scheduling organization. Referees are considered to be independent contractors and not employees of SnVYSA or EKCSRA. Per Washington State Youth Soccer Association rules, referees who officiate games in which an immediate family member is a player shall not be eligible for compensation.
Continuing Education
The cost of annual continuing education required to maintain a Grade 8 License will be reimbursed up to $50 subject to an annual commitment to participate as defined above.